Guidelines on Risk Assessment (2003)


Colour cover Risk Assessment -2003In Australia we have a very diverse portfolio of dams, some regarded as being designed and constructed before there was a good understanding of the loading conditions that could apply.  Sometimes there is limited knowledge of the actual details of construction and always there is a desire to ensure that the community’s resources are properly applied.  The difficulty facing those who allocate funds for the benefit of the community measure the cost against the benefit achieved and to compare that with opportunities available.

Risk Assessment gives us the tools to estimate the likelihood of a circumstance occurring and of its consequences. It also gives us the tools to estimate what these will be after any improvement.  These tools are diverse and can be imprecise.  As time goes on our methods will improve but chance and circumstance will always be with us.  But, if we use consistent methods, we will generally be able to rank the possible outcomes and compare them, in scale, with others.

ANCOLD is aware of the diversity of dams and the circumstance associated with them and offers this document merely as an indicator of the approach that may be taken.  Nevertheless we hope that its adoption will lead to greater comparability between individual workers.