Guidelines on Design of Dams for Earthquake (1998)


Colour cover Earthquake - 1998This guideline is out of stock and not on order as an updated version is due for release in 2019.

The ANCOLD Guideline brings together improved appraisals of the earthquake loadings that a dam may suffer and then describes appropriate methods for analysis and evaluation. Whilst specific to the Australian considerations the majority of this guideline could be applied to dam structures throughout the world. The ICOLD Bulletins No 46. (1983), No 62. (1988) and No 72. (1989) are parallel documents in this regard, although not including recent advances.

This guideline is not a design code, and dam designers must continue to apply their own considerations, judgements and professional skills when designing dams to resist earthquakes. As time goes on there will no doubt be improved data and design tools to help the designer and it is intended that this guideline will be updated as circumstances dictate. ANCOLD welcomes contributions to discussion on this guideline which will assist with future revisions.


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