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GHD Pty. Ltd.

GHD is an international network of engineers, architects and environmental scientists serving clients in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation. Voting representative Steven Fox.

Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania is Australia's leading clean energy business, largest generator of renewable energy, and champions for a sustainable future. It’s also Australia’s largest water manager. Every year, Hydro Tasmania produces about 9000 gigawatt hours of clean electricity from a hydropower network including 30 power stations and more than 50 major dams, while also generating from wind and gas. Hydro Tasmania stands ready to help make Tasmania the renewable energy Battery of the Nation, and create an energy future that's clean, reliable and affordable. Hydro Tasmania employs more than 1100 people, including almost 750 Tasmanians. Voting representative Neil Smith.

KCB Australia Pty Ltd

KCB Australia Pty Ltd (KCBAus) is an award-winning engineering, geoscience and environmental consulting firm delivering professional and practical technical solutions. With our strong culture of quality, health and safety, community engagement and ethics, and over 65 years of developing sustainable solutions for clients, we’re ready for your challenging mining, energy, power, transportation or infrastructure projects. Voting representative Matthew Ind.

SA Water

Every day, SA Water’s people embrace the challenge of delivering safe, sustainable and affordable water services to more than 1.6 million South Australian customers. Owned by the Government of South Australia, SA Water manages more than $13 billion worth of assets, our water quality expertise is recognised internationally and we are a leader in wastewater recycling. We employ more than 1400 people, each one helping to ensure that we deliver efficient and responsive services to our customers into the future. Voting representative Pavi Kirupakaran.


SMEC is a progressive company, delivering engineering excellence, design innovation and advisory services to clients worldwide. In partnership with the Surbana Jurong Group we provide a talent pool of 13,000 people across a network of 110 offices in over 40 countries. A leader in the field of dams and hydropower, our expertise encompasses all aspects of dam investigation, design, construction and dam safety management. This includes foundation and seismic assessments; geotechnical, hydrologic, hydraulic and structural design; and the design and construction management of spillways and hydraulic structures. Voting representative Yvette Collins.


SunWater is a bulk water infrastructure developer and manager playing a key role in Australia’s water industry, owning and managing around $7 billion in water infrastructure assets and supplying approximately 40% of all water used commercially in Queensland. Our extensive network of water supply infrastructure supports mining, power generation, industry, urban development and irrigated agriculture throughout Queensland and ensures we take the right steps towards water for the future. Operating across Queensland we have a proven 85 year history of growth and leadership in delivering world-class bulk water infrastructure solutions. Voting representative Michael Kahler.

Water Corporation of WA

We are the principal supplier of water, wastewater and drainage services in Western Australia.Our services, projects and activities span over 2.6 million square kilometres. We have over 2,500 employees and participate in alliances to manage an asset base of over $15 billion in water supply, wastewater, drainage infrastructure and bulk water for irrigation. We are owned by the Western Australian Government and accountable to our sole shareholder, Minister for Water the Hon Dave Kelly MLA, for delivery of our services in a commercial manner. Most of our surplus is returned to the government as a dividend to contribute to the development of the state, with the remainder reinvested in capital works. Voting representative Michael Smith.

Organisational Members


Geotechnical Engineering (Geotech), is one of Australia’s most diversely skilled civil contracting businesses. Part of the extended ACCIONA Geotech business, Geotech offers project management, engineering and construction services to local, national and international clients working through Australasia. Since 1972 Geotech has chosen to specialise in delivery of unique range of specialist civil construction projects. Our customers require services including; Geotechnical Construction, Basement and Foundation Construction, Dam Upgrades, Power and Hydro Power, Geotechnical Services and Civil Contracting. Voting representative Darren Loidl.

Adasa Systems

ADASA is a global leader and reference company in water digital technologies. In ADASA, we work with public and private organizations globally to solve the challenges of water management and related natural disasters leveraging advanced information and communications technologies, water sciences and real-time water sensors to build systems that make the world safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Our unique dam safety management software, DAM360, offer specialised end-to-end solutions for real-time dam surveillance and data analytics using cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Voting Representative: Dr. Mohsen Askari


AECOM is a recognised leader in dam engineering and provides a full range of services including risk assessment, feasibility through to design and construction, commissioning, on-going safety surveillance, maintenance and decommissioning. We frequently draw upon specialty expertise from the wider resource pool of AECOM offices to successfully deliver projects. This allows us to have a core local team while utilising regional and international expertise and state of the art practice to deliver best for project outcomes for our clients. Voting representative Steven O'Brien.

Alcoa of Australia Limited

Alcoa of Australia is owned 60 per cent by Alcoa Corporation and 40 per cent by Alumina Limited. The Australian operations represent one of the world’s largest integrated bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminium smelting systems and add value to Australia’s local, state and national economies including approximately 4,300 direct job, predominantly in regional Australia. Principal operations include: two bauxite mines in Western Australia (Huntly and Willowdale); three alumina refineries in Western Australia (Kwinana, Pinjarra and Wagerup); one aluminium smelter in Victoria (Portland); and two dedicated port facilities in Western Australia (Kwinana and Bunbury). Voting representative Sergio Pedrosa. For more information visit


Arup is the creative force at the heart of many of the world’s most significant projects in the built environment. Our experienced members combine a commitment to Total Design practice and an understanding of local clients and markets, with genuine enthusiasm for collaboration and technical excellence. Committed to sustainability, we are acutely aware of the vital importance dams and reservoirs play in our communities. Our approach considers the needs of all stakeholders and draws on diverse expertise to deliver the best user-experience, and best-practice solutions to challenging problems to shape a better world, Voting representative Tony Prenzler.

ATC Williams

ATC Williams specialises in the mining and resource sectors. We provide strategic and design solutions for tailings management, water management, and associated geotechnical engineering to mining companies worldwide. Our focus is on a collaborative, holistic approach, to apply our knowledge and experience to maximise project value, whilst minimising risks and environmental impacts. Our design philosophy emphasises practicality and pragmatism, combined with innovative thinking and a strong emphasis on quality. We strive to deliver solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and fit-for-purpose in the long term.  Voting representative Behrooz Ghahreman-Nejad.

Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd

Aurecon brings ideas to life to design a better future. Imagining what is possible, we turn problems into solutions. We provide advisory, design, delivery and asset management services on projects across a range of markets, in locations worldwide. Understanding the value of expertise, we mobilise our global pool of talent to understand and solve the critical and complex problems you face. We seek to unravel complexity, create clarity and invent new value for you. We use our thinking to provide innovative solutions. We bring ideas to life by partnering with clients and using our innovation and expertise, with technology, to solve your complex problems. Voting representative Marius Jonker. To find out more about what we have been up to visit our newsroom, or take a glimpse into the future on our Just Imagine blog.

Barwon Water

Barwon Water (Barwon Region Water Corporation) is Victoria’s largest regional urban water corporation. We have more than 110 years of experience in providing excellence in water, sewer and recycled water services, servicing a community of more than 300,000 permanent residents over 8,100 square kilometres. Building on our core business success, we have entered a new phase in the organisation’s history. Recognising the challenges of climate change, population growth, rapid technological advancement and economic transition, we are shifting our mindset from water utility, to being a leader of the region’s prosperity. Voting representative Sean D'Souza.


BHP is a world-leading resources company. We extract and process minerals, oil and gas, with more than 72,000 employees and contractors, primarily in Australia and the Americas. Our corporate purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. We do this through our strategy: to have the best capabilities, best commodities and best assets, to create long-term value and high returns. We are among the world’s top producers of major commodities, including iron ore, metallurgical coal and copper. We also have substantial interests in oil, gas and energy coal. Voting representative Justin Willis.

Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology develops and applies advanced scientific knowledge related to weather, climate, oceans and hydrology to build world-class systems and prediction services to support decision-makers in government, industry and the community. It has built a comprehensive and reliable picture of Australia’s water resources through monitoring, assessing and forecasting products and services. The Bureau’s water information role was established in 2007 to improve visibility of water resources and ensure high-quality nationwide information was available to the public and relevant industries. The Bureau of Meteorology was appointed to lead the programme, to collect, aggregate and analyse water data from more than 170 organisations around the country. Now, a rich portfolio of products and services deliver essential information and forecasts to water managers, policymakers and water-sensitive industries, helping them make informed decisions to manage and use this precious resource wisely. Voting representative Janice Green. Find out more about the Bureau’s services at

Cairns Regional Council

The Cairns Regional Council area encompasses more than 1,687 km2 of land on a narrow coastal strip between the Great Diving Range and the Coral Sea. It extends from the Eubenangee Swamp in the south to the Macalister Range near Ellis Beach in the north. Cairns is home to more than 158,000 people, hosts an additional 26,000 visitors per night, and is one of Australia’s most multicultural cities. Cairns Regional Council is the responsible owner and operator of Copperlode Falls Dam (Lake Morris), which is situated in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. It is fed by streams of high conservation value and is the main source of water supply for Cairns, holding more than 38,400ML. Voting representative Cameron Ryan.

Central Coast Council

The Central Coast has the third largest water supply system in New South Wales servicing a population of approximately 345,000 people. We have over 320 employees who are committed to delivering safe, affordable and reliable services to our community. We work closely with the community, contractors and other stakeholders to manage an asset base of more than $2.6 billion worth of water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable water future for the Central Coast. The systems incorporate three dams, three weirs, three water treatment plants, 8 sewage treatment plants, over 50 reservoirs and more than 4,200 kilometres of pipelines, supplying around 80 ML of water to about 140,000 homes and businesses. Voting representative Joe Weston.

Central Highlands Water

We provide water supply and sewerage services through 72,128 water supply connections and 62,475 wastewater service connections to 152,273 residents throughout the Central Highlands region. Our customer and community engagement is very important to us and enables us to gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations, and to assist in planning services for the future.  Voting representative Phillip Kennedy.

City of Salisbury

The City of Salisbury is unique in the greater Adelaide Metropolitan Area having a landscape from the escarpment to the plains to the ocean, three separate small river systems through the City.  There are 24 Escarpment detention dams, of which 5 have ANCOLD status. Voting representative Dameon Roy.

Climate Resilience PTY Ltd

The Climate Resilience founder, James (Jimmy) Stuart, is one of Australia’s most experienced Dam Safety practitioners, now providing consultancy services learned from his tenure at Sunwater as Executive for Dam Safety and previous experience including at the Bureau of Meteorology. At Sunwater, his approach to comprehensive risk assessment and a wider safety governance program delivered a holistic and consistent appreciation of the organisations risk, with systematic prioritisation saving $300 million in unnecessary construction costs for the Burdekin Upgrade and height reduction works to reduce the hazard posed by Paradise Dam. Climate resilience can also assist with climate change planning for large assets aligned with Climate Related Financial Disclosures. Voting representative: James Stuart.

Coliban Water

Coliban Water provides water and wastewater services to a region with a population of approximately 160,000 people across 16,500 square kilometres of central and northern Victoria. We service 49 towns in nine separate supply systems. We actively support the enhancement of the social fabric, environmental health and economic development of the communities we serve and in which we operate. We are committed to collaboratively and meaningfully participating in the continued growth, well-being and sustainability of our region and enabling our region to take advantage of opportunities that emerge in the future. Voting representative Jarrod Threlfall.

Complex Co. Pty. Ltd.

Complex Co is a highly experienced design and construction company, specialising in technical infrastructure projects that sit outside the comfort zone of typical contractors. Our construction and maintenance capabilities include; bridges, buildings, roads, dams, stormwater, sewer and more. We are an accredited carbon fibre installer and have extensive experience in concrete strengthening and remediation. We use our experience, knowledge and energy to innovate, learn and lead. Voting representative Regan James.

CPB Contractors Pty. Ltd.

CPB Contractors is a leading contractor and the Australasian construction company of the CIMIC Group, delivering major infrastructure across all key sectors, including roads, rail, tunneling, defence, building, water and other resources. Working closely with clients and partners, our projects connect communities, play a key role in urban and rural development, help drive economic growth and provide vital long-term infrastructure. Voting representative Andrew Kennedy.

Dams Safety NSW

Dams Safety NSW is the State’s independent regulator, responsible for the safety of declared dams in NSW. Established under the Dams Safety Act 2015 (the Act), we are a statutory authority that makes decisions on how the Dams Safety Regulation 2019 and standards are administered. We are responsible for ensuring that dam owners in NSW comply with their dam safety regulatory requirements. Dams Safety NSW comprises governing members with expertise in dam engineering, mine engineering, emergency management, dam operations and management, public safety risk analysis and best practice regulation. Voting representative Chris Salkovic.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Victoria

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) works to create a liveable, inclusive and sustainable Victoria with thriving natural environments – where the community is at the centre of everything it does. DELWP works towards recognising the link between the built and natural environment in the quality of our lives, and works to accommodate population growth while maintaining world class liveability and protecting our heritage for future generations. DELWP has a regulatory oversight role for the safety of water storage dams and retarding basins in Victoria. Voting representative Siraj Perera.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE)

Voting representative Sam Ditchfield.

Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water

Queensland’s Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water works to ensure the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources - water, land, minerals and energy - for the benefit of current and future generations of Queenslanders. Partnerships with our customers and stakeholders are important to us, as we work to deliver policies, programs and services that support industry while reflecting the needs of the broader community. The Department has a role in managing the safety of dams, including regulating the safety of referable dams and managing several state-owned dams and weirs. Voting representative Chris Nielsen.

DYWIDAG_Systems International Construction

Voting representative: Anna Dunleavy.

EDG Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Voting representative Ian Shipway.

EMM Consulting Pty Limited

EMM was established in 2010 and is proud to be a leading Australian, employee-owned environmental and planning consultancy. Our team of over 200 people work across Australia from offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to achieve practical and environmentally responsible project outcomes and are at the forefront of policy and guideline development, sought after for specialist technical advice by regulatory authorities and are experienced in creating customised solutions in the approval, post-approval, preconstruction and delivery phases. Voting representative Sean Cassidy.

Energy Australia NSW Mt. Piper

EnergyAustralia provides gas and electricity to more than 2.6 million residential and business customer accounts in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Queensland. We supply our customers with energy from wholesale markets and our own coal and gas-fired power stations and renewable energy sources. EnergyAustralia, which has its headquarters in Melbourne, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Group, one of the largest publicly-owned integrated power businesses in the Asia Pacific. Voting representative Michael Starkey. Read more about us here:

Eurobodalla Shire Council

Voting Representative Brett Corven.

Freyssinet – Menard Oceania

Freyssinet and Menard are part of Soletanche Freyssinet Group, who are world leaders in geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering construction. Freyssinet is a worldwide leader in specialized civil engineering with strong implementation in Australia and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The Freyssinet name is synonymous with post-tensioning as Eugene Freyssinet, our founder, was a major pioneer of prestressed concrete. Innovation is in our DNA. Today, Freyssinet is widely diversified and works include post tensioning, construction methodology, heavy lifting and handling , cable structures (bridges and stadium), structural fitting and seismic devices, structural strengthening and maintenance and  ground anchors. Menard Oceania is the Australian subsidiary of Menard. With a proven track record of more than 45 years, Menard has a history of providing cost effective ground improvement solutions for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure and construction projects. Today, Menard continues to set the industry standard for ground improvement engineering in Australia. We offer deep local expertise, helping clients in Australia and New Zealand, understand the unique geotechnical conditions across the region. This expertise is backed up by a global network of unparalleled resource and experience. Voting representative Pierre-Yves Souesme.

Fulton Hogan Construction Pty Ltd

Our vision and purpose is to be a successful and enduring infrastructure company – being in, connected and caring for communities.  From planning and design management, through to construction, commissioning and maintenance, Fulton Hogan has a strong track record of delivering the infrastructure needed for safe, secure water storage and supply, as well as wastewater treatment, desalinisation, and other ancillary facilities such as irrigation and waterway improvements. Voting representative Richard Cowley.

Gippsland Water

Gippsland Water delivers reliable, high-quality water, wastewater and waste recovery services to ensure social, environmental and economic benefits to domestic and commercial clients across Central Gippsland. We supply fresh clean drinking water to more than 68,000 customers, and wastewater services to more than 61,000 customers across an area of more than 5,000 square kilometres. We maintain a $1 billion infrastructure network, which includes more than 2,000 kilometres of water mains, 15 water treatment plants, over 1,700 kilometres of sewer mains and 14 wastewater treatment plants. Voting representative James Williamson.

Gladstone Area Water Board

The Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) is a statutory authority that operates Awoonga Dam on the Boyne River, in Central Queensland.  From Awoonga Dam water is provided for inter-basin diversion to the Callide Power Stations.  GAWB is the sole supplier of raw water to major industrial sites in the Gladstone region.  GAWB also supplies treated water direct to major industries and to Gladstone Regional Council for reticulation to the City of Gladstone. Voting representative Phillip Webber.

Glencore Coal Assets Australia Pty. Ltd.

Voting representative Stephen Downes.

Gold Fields Australia Pty Ltd

Voting Representative: Johan Boshoff.

Goulburn-Murray Water

Goulburn-Murray Water is Australia’s largest rural water corporation delivering water to more than 39,000 customers. We manage 24 lakes, dams, reservoirs and weirs in northern Victoria, including four on behalf of the Murray Darling Basin Authority. This accounts for 70 per cent of Victoria’s stored water resources. We maintain the integrity of our dams through regular operation and maintenance activities, routine safety surveillance, dam safety evaluations and where appropriate rehabilitation works. Voting representative David Jeffery.

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWMWater)

GWMWater is a government-owned statutory corporation in north-west Victoria. GWMWater service area covers 62,000 square kilometres  or 25 percent of Victoria. GWMWater provides services to approximately 72,000 people living either on farms or in one of 71 urban centres. GWMWater is a vertically integrated water business directly involved in all aspects of the water cycle. GWMWater operates urban water and wastewater treatment plants, major dams, storages and channels,  stock and domestic pipelines and recycled water schemes. Voting representative Christopher Wright.


Hatch is an employee-owned, multidisciplinary professional services firm that delivers a comprehensive array of technical and strategic services, including consulting, information technology, engineering, process development, and project and construction management to the Mining, Metallurgical, Energy, and Infrastructure sectors. Hatch has served clients for over six decades with corporate roots extending over 100 years and has project experience in more than 150 countries around the world. Voting Representative: Andrew Bodley.

HATS Consulting

Voting Representative: Ryan Singh.

Hunter Water Corporation Pty Ltd

Hunter Water is a State Owned Corporation (SOC) providing drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to a population approaching 600,000 people in homes and businesses across the Lower Hunter. Hunter Water was the first SOC to be proclaimed within New South Wales pursuant to the State Owned Corporations Act 1989. We have 456 employees who are committed to delivering safe, affordable and reliable services to our community. Our employees work closely with contractors, stakeholders and the community to manage an asset base of more than $2.5 billion worth of water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable water future for the Lower Hunter. Voting representative Daniel Turnbull. .

Hydrology and Risk Consulting Pty Ltd (HARC)

Hydrology and Risk Consulting (HARC) is an Australian engineering consultancy focusing on hydrology, dam safety risk management and water resources. The team provides specialist services to a range of industry partners around Australia and is an active ANCOLD member, contributing to numerous ANCOLD conferences, guidelines and workshops. Voting representative Michel Raymond.

Icon Water

Icon Water has provided high quality drinking water and reliable sewerage services to Canberra and surrounding regions for over 100 years. We manage over $2 billion worth of assets, including four large water storage dams holding a total of 277.8 gigalitres, 3,300km of water pipeline with 68 urban reservoirs delivering more than 100 megalitres of drinking water a year, and 3,200km of sewerage pipeline to Australia’s largest inland sewage treatment plant that treats over 30 gigalitres of wastewater each year. Our customer focus, reliability and expertise allows us to continue to enhance our community’s quality of life with essential services. Voting representative Sunil Hewaqe.

Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Jacobs is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of full-spectrum technical, professional and construction services for public and private sector organisations globally. This includes providing a complete solution package to its clients’ water challenges, including dams, across the world. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment enables us to adapt solutions to help our clients address their stakeholder needs – from investor to end user. Voting representative Samantha Watt.

John Holland Pty. Ltd.

At John Holland we’re up for the challenge of improving lives. By finding solutions to complex challenges and opportunities, we transform communities to make them easier to move around, more connected, and better to live in. We work in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, offering services from infrastructure and property development to rail and building. John Holland has successfully delivered dam upgrades across Australia to improve the safety and storage capacity of reservoirs. Our capabilities include strengthening of the existing embankments, major structural upgrades of the existing spillway and installation of gates on spillway crests. Key references include Cotter Dam (ACT), Wyangala and Split Rock Dams in NSW, Eildon Dam in Victoria. Voting representative Norman Lovemore.

Knight Piésold Consulting

Knight Piésold is an employee-owned international company of consulting engineers, scientists and technicians, providing specialised engineering and environmental services to the mining, power, environment, water resources, transportation and construction sectors.  We focus on building close, collaborative working relationships with our clients by understanding their unique needs and the specific requirements of each project.  Our passion and commitment have resulted in numerous award winning projects and long lasting client relationships. Voting representative David Morgan.

Lombardi Engineering Limited

Voting representative Massimo Cadenelli.

McConnell Dowell Constructors (Australia) Pty Ltd.

For 60 years customers have been coming to McConnell Dowell with complex projects that require innovative solutions. That's why we're known as the Creative Construction company. Since 1961, we have built thousands of quality assets and facilities for customers and communities, and our expertise has grown steadily to span building, civil, electrical, fabrication, marine, mechanical, pipelines, rail, tunnel and underground construction. We employ over 3,600 employees and have professional engineering and construction teams in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Voting representative Todd Cook.

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water makes a vital contribution to the famous Melbourne lifestyle through the supply of high-quality water, reliable sewerage services, healthy waterways, integrated drainage and flood management services and cooler greener spaces. We help make greater Melbourne one of the most liveable cities in the world. Voting representative Mark Arnold.

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

For the first time in the Basin's history, one Basin-wide institution is responsible for planning the Basin's water resources, with all planning decisions made in the interest of the Basin as a whole. Our current governance arrangements were preceded by almost a century of different forms and levels of collaborative management with Basin states — in the first instance New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and more recently joined by Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. The sustainable management of the Murray–Darling Basin river system is a collective endeavour of the Australian and Basin state governments, with river dependent industries and communities. Voting representative Andrew Reynolds.

Newcrest Mining Limited

Newcrest is the largest gold producer listed on the ASX and one of the world's largest gold mining companies. We own and operate a portfolio of low cost, long life tier one gold, copper, silver and molybdenum mines in Australia, Canada and Papua New Guinea, and a strong pipeline of brownfields and greenfields exploration projects. We are determined to make our tailings and water storage facilities safer as part of good environmental practice, which is critical to improving operational performance and increasing community trust and acceptance. Voting representative Kate Brand.

Public Works

Public Works Advisory’s expertise is in planning, design, delivery and maintenance of infrastructure projects. Bridging the gap between government and the private sector, we support customers in maximising value, minimising costs and managing the risks of infrastructure projects.  Our experienced dam management and engineering team provide dam owners with the specialist advice and services required to enable them to efficiently operate and maintain their dams to achieve the required levels of service; avoid costly liabilities; and meet owner’s obligations with confidence. Voting representative George Samios.

Red Earth Engineering

Red Earth Engineering (REE) combines our knowledge of working as part of the client's team with specialised expertise to provide robust solutions. With 30 engineers in our team and in our 9th year of operation, we are proud to have become a leading tailings and geotechnical consultancy in Australia, and our specialised geosynthetics engineering capabilities recognised internationally. Voting representative Symon Jackson.

Resource Engineering Consultants Pty. Ltd.

REC is a privately-owned consulting firm based in Perth, Western Australia. Formerly established as MHA Geotechnical in 2014, our team includes engineers (civil and geotechnical), environmental scientists and hydrogeologists. With a commitment to quality, safety and technical excellence, we provide an efficient pathway through the full mining lifecycle, from feasibility to regulation approvals, design, construction, waste management, closure and rehabilitation. With a specialist focus on tailings and mine waste, and through the adoption of pioneering technology, software and a willingness to challenge the status-quo, we continually discover opportunities for optimisation, driving forward an industry that we are proud to be a part of. Voting representative Mitch Hanger.

Richard Rodd & Associates

Richard Rodd is a Member of ANCOLD, with experience covering all phases of investigation, design, construction and safety of major dams (around 100). For the last 15 years Richard has been an independent Peer/Expert Reviewer of dam projects (over 50 dams). He has extensive experience in dam design and construction. He is the Convenor of the ANCOLD Retarding Basin Design and Construction Guideline Committee and a Working Group Member of the Foundation Investigation for Dams Guideline Committee. He has been the author or co-author of a many peer reviewed technical papers on dam projects, (several on large ground anchor technology). Voting Representative Richard Rodd.

Rio Tinto

Our long history is filled with firsts. We’ve developed some of the world’s largest and best quality mines and operations, and our people work in around 35 countries across six continents. We’ve led the industry in partnerships, with customers in new markets, and with local communities. We’ve pioneered technological innovations, such as our Mine of the Future™ programme and our low-CO2 aluminium from hydropower. And we’ve paved the way in areas such as safety, tax transparency and legacy management. Yet, it’s not just about our past. We continue to pioneer progress for a better future. Through research and innovation, we’re helping meet the needs of society in a growing and changing world. What we do brings benefits for our people, the communities in which we operate, and beyond. Voting representative Jarrad Coffey.


Seqwater delivers a safe, secure and reliable water supply to South East Queensland, as well as providing essential flood mitigation services and managing catchment health. We also provide water for irrigation to about 1,200 farmers and offer community recreation facilities enjoyed by more than 2.5 million people each year. We own and operate 26 dams, 51 weirs, and two borefields across the region. Twelve key dams across the region supply as much as 90% of South East Queensland’s drinking water. Voting representative John Tibaldi.

Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty Ltd

Founded in 1987, Seymour Whyte has become a multi award-winning civil engineering contractor. Today, the combination of our success, with the vast expertise and resources of VINCI – one of the largest, world-class construction companies globally – generates a unique service offering for our clients and partners, as well as an unrivalled infrastructure-delivery capability. It’s because of our smarter partnerships with our clients, joint venture partners, employees and the communities we operate in, that we are confidently taking on the most challenging, complex projects and finding the most innovative and creative solutions. As a nimble and agile contractor with a strong commitment to our local communities and employment, our employees and clients get the best of all worlds. With that, comes the promise of a business performing better with you. We offer services in design, construction and project management; and apply our core capabilities across a range of sectors in transport, water, social infrastructure, resources and energy. Voting representative Andrew Dance.

SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

Voting representative Francois van Heerden.

Snowy Hydro Ltd

Voting representative Michael Thornton.

Southern Rural Water

Southern Rural Water is the lifeblood of the agricultural economy of southern Victoria. Our irrigation districts deliver water from catchment to farm gate. We supply water to irrigators, power generators, urban water corporations. We operate seven major dams, eight diversion weirs, three irrigation districts and manage take and use licences for waterways, licences relating to catchment dams and farm dam registration. Voting representative Aida Gibbons.

SRG Global Limited

SRG are an Australian complex services company solving the challenging and difficult problems others can’t.  Our vision is to make the complex simple for our customers.  SRG has an impressive track record of dam strengthening and remediation projects on many large dams both within Australia and internationally.  SRG are also world leaders in permanent ground anchor design and installation establishing several world records with 91 strand anchors having breaking loads over 25,000kN and lengths in excess of 142 metres. Voting representative Mark Sinclair.

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting company providing focused advice and solutions to the resources industry. The SRK Group employs more than 1,400 staff internationally in over 45 permanent offices in 20 countries on 6 continents. SRK has been extensively involved in the permitting, design, operation and closure of dams since 1974. Our global expertise includes a wide range of tailings products and hands-on knowledge of proven management techniques under a broad range of climatic conditions. Voting representative Heather Thompson.

Stantec Australia Pty Ltd

Communities are fundamental. Whether around the corner or across the globe, they provide a foundation, a sense of place and of belonging. That's why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind. We care about the communities we serve—because they're our communities too. We're designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. Stantec trades on the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol STN. Visit us at or find us on social media. Voting representative Mark Cordell.

STRABAG Australia Pty. Ltd.

STRABAG Australia is part of the STRABAG SE group, an European-based technology partner for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. Our services span all areas of the construction industry. With over 70 years of experience in delivering major water infrastructure projects such as dams, pumped hydro power plants, harbour facilities, water tunnels or water treatment plants, STRABAG is a leading civil contractor. Voting representative Erhan Hakki Oguz.

Tasmanian Irrigation

Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd (TI) is a state government owned entity which develops, operates and maintains irrigation services across Tasmania.  Its asset portfolio includes 21 large dams, 1000 km of pipelines, 30 major pump stations and two hydro power stations, with the majority of these assets developed since 2010.  TI currently has three new irrigation schemes under construction, including three new dams, with a further five schemes in the preliminary planning phase. Voting representative Josh Clark.


TasWater is an incorporated company providing water and sewerage services to homes and businesses across Tasmania. Every day we produce 196 million litres of drinking water and take care of 137 million litres of sewage. We maintain 297 water storage facilities, along with 6,266 kilometres of water mains and 4,716 kilometres of sewer mains – combined, this is equal to the distance from Hobart to New Delhi. Voting representative Fraser White.

Tonkin + Taylor Pty Ltd

Tonkin + Taylor serve clients with sub-surface challenges in land development, industry, transport, waste and energy. Our services include geotechnical engineering, geotechnics, sustainability, contaminated land and environmental services. Right from the very beginning, strong and enduring client relationships have been at the core of T+T’s growth. In Australia, our growth has been based on close client collaboration on important projects in the private and public sectors across transportation, energy, land development, waste and industry. Voting representative: David Glover.

Toowoomba Regional Council

Voting representative Phil McEwan.

Townsville City Council

Townsville City Council (TCC) is committed to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective water services to the Townsville community. This includes the supply of potable water, the collection and processing of wastewater, and the supply of recycled water. TCC owns and manages two major water storages - Ross River Dam and Paluma Dam. With a combined volume of over 244,600ML, they service approximately 187,000 people across a local government area of over 3,700 square kilometres. Voting representative Adam Pietrobon.

Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) Directorate

Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) delivers a wide range of services which Canberrans rely on every day. These include building and managing our roads, stormwater network, footpaths and cycle paths, maintaining many of Canberra's dams, lakes and ponds, collecting recycling and rubbish removal, running public libraries, mowing open space, building light rail, delivering and operating an integrated public transport network. TCCS operates and maintains 19 dams, reservoirs, weirs and retarding basins in the ACT. Voting representative Matthew Thorogood.

Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council covers an area of 1,303 km2 and adjoins the NSW shires of Byron, Lismore and Kyogle, with the NSW/Qld border to its north. Tweed Shire is home to the entire basin of the Tweed River, and mountainous regions containing three world-heritage listed national parks. Tweed Shire Council is responsible for the treatment and supply of safe drinking water from catchment to tap for the Tweed Community which includes owning and operating Clarrie Hall Dam. Voting representative Mark Callander.

VSL Australia Pty. Ltd.

The VSL Group has been operating in Australia for more than 50 years and is recognised as a world leader in construction products, civil post tensioning works, ground anchors, ground engineering and repair and strengthening. Its structure allows it to respond to and satisfy the most stringent of local requirements to guarantee project quality, safety and durability. In addition VSL - a member of Bouygues Construction, operates through more than 50 locations as part of a world-wide construction network, including bespoke production facilities. With 4,100 employees, including 900 engineers and technicians, VSL provides technical consultancy and support for the full range of works from project planning to complete final design, construction engineering and on-site activities. Voting Representative Steve Mills.

Water, Waste and Land Australia Pty Ltd

Water, Waste and Land Australia (WWL) is a multinational group of geotechnical engineers, technicians and scientists specialising in tailings: management, storage, operations, deposition planning, rheological testing, closure design and dam break analysis. Our focus is to provide sustainable, bespoke solutions for our clients with a strong innovative idea. Voting representative Gordon McPhail.


WaterNSW is a State-Owned Corporation established under the WaterNSW Act and operates under an Operating Licence issued and monitored by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). We are NSW’s bulk water supplier, river operator and your one stop shop for licensing, water trades and water information. We supply two thirds of water used in NSW from our 42 dams, rivers and pipelines to regional towns, irrigators, Sydney Water Corporation and local water utilities. We also own and operate the largest surface and groundwater monitoring network in the southern hemisphere and build, maintain and operate essential infrastructure. Voting Representative: Sam Banzi.

Wiltshire Consulting

Descended from a long line of professional engineers who dedicated their service to the dams industry, it is with great pride that Wiltshire Consulting continues to serve this legacy into the future. With nearly 20 years of experience in civil engineering, with a specialty in dam engineering, Wiltshire Consulting has extensive knowledge and experience in the planning, investigation, assessment, design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of dams on projects throughout the United States and Australia. Voting representative Craig Wiltshire.

WSP Australia Pty Limited

WSP is one of the world's leading engineering professional services consulting firms, bringing together approximately 4,300 talented people across 14 offices in Australia. We design lasting solutions in the Transport, Water, Property & Buildings, Mining and Energy sectors and are at the forefront of integrated digital innovations. We are technical experts who design and provide strategic advice on sustainable solutions, and future ready engineering projects that will help societies grow for lifetimes to come. Voting representative: Robert Kingsland.