Representatives on ICOLD Technical Committees

ICOLD has 20 technical committees which review technology in specific areas, such as analysis and design, seismicity, environment, safety, hydraulics, design flood, materials for concrete and fill dams, construction methods, performance monitoring, reservoir sedimentation, ageing, tailings dams, and trans-national rivers. Many international experts participate actively in this work.

As the result of the work on its technical committees, ICOLD publishes between two and ten reports (known as bulletins) yearly; over 150 bulletins are now available. These bulletins represent the state of the art at the time of their publication. Other publications include the World Register of Dams, the World Register of Mine and Industrial Tailings Dams, a six-language Technical Dictionary, abstracts, biographical books, reports and technical documents.

ANCOLD was originally formed as the Australian National Committee of the International Commission on Large Dams in 1937 and has active in the international committee ever since. ANCOLD’s contribution to the work of ICOLD has disproportionate to Australia’s small population. For example ANCOLD is currently represented on 17 of the 22 ICOLD Technical Committees currently in operation. ANCOLD values its membership of, and relationship with, ICOLD. This relationship provides a network whereby members of ANCOLD can readily keep abreast of the latest developments in knowledge of dams internationally.

ANCOLD representatives on ICOLD Technical Committees

Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams Mr Francisco Lopez
Concrete Dams Mr Brian Forbes
Dam Decommissioning Mr Stephen Newman
Dam Safety Mr Shane McGrath
Dam Surveillance Mr I. Landon-Jones (Corresponding Member)
Embankment Dams Mr Michael Marley
Engineering Activities with the Planning Process for Water Resources Projects Mr Richard Herweynen
Environment Mr Steven Fox
Flood Evaluation and Dam Safety Dr Rory Nathan
Global Climate Change and Dams, Reservoirs and the Associated Water Resources Mr David Stewart
Hydraulics for Dams Mr Robert Wark
Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams Mr Neil Blaikie
Public Safety around Dams Mr Angus Swindon
Dams and River Basin Management Mr Brian Shannon
Seismic Aspects of Dam Design Mr Ian Landon-Jones
Tailings Dams and Waste Lagoons Mr David Brett
World Register of Dams and Documentation Mr Robert Wark (Observer Status)