88th ICOLD Annual Meeting & Symposium

88th ICOLD Annual Meeting & Symposium

New Delhi, India

April 4-10, 2020

India has built 5 264 dams which includes Bhakra, Tehri, Sardar Sarovar and many more mega projects. 437 large dams are under construction.

The 88th ICOLD Annual Meeting & Symposium will provide an excellent platform of exchange in the fields of energy & water resources management.

The Indian National Committee on Large Dam (INCOLD) has prepared an excellent program in an exciting venue, with a Symposium on the theme ‘Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins’ and a Technical Tour which will include the famous Taj Mahal and its incredible water devices.

India is a country where 50 000 MW of hydropower already exist, but some 100 000 MW are waiting to be developed. It is therefore a land of opportunity for dam professionals, not only in India but also in the other countries of the region, like Pakistan or Bhutan.

With around 1 500 participants from 100 countries, it will be a unique occasion to meet high level dam experts and decision makers from that very promising part of the world.

I’m looking forward to welcoming the ICOLD Family – old friends as well as new-comers in April 2020 in New Delhi.

Warmest regards,

Michael ROGERS

President of ICOLD

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